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This year, I am playing in multiple leagues that incorporate holds. Unfortunately, holds are not currently — best as I can tell — incorporated in Steamer projections. So, I decided to start crunching some numbers to explore holds.

Not unexpectedly, team holds generally increase with team wins.

Holds and Wins by Team (2011-2015)

Interestingly, teams with a lower winning percentage tend to have more holds per win. One possible explanation is that those offenses are not as capable of scoring as many runs which leads to closer ballgames (and more holds opportunities). The same trend holds true for percent saves vs. wins.

Percent Holds vs. Wins by Team (2011-2015)

Percent Saves vs. Wins by Team (2011-2015)

Also a bit obvious but made clear by looking at 2015 stats is the more widescale availability of holds:

31.5% of holds by top 30 players with holds
75.5% of saves by top 30 players with saves

3.9% of saves by saves leader
1.8% of holds by holds leader

Other interesting tidbits of no particular consequence:

Top 5 highest percentage of team’s holds:

Joaquin Benoit Padres 44.4%
Zach Duke White Sox 42.6%
Tony Watson Pirates 41.4%
Joe Smith Angels 39.0%
Bryan Shaw Indians 37.7%

Bottom 5 highest percentage of team’s holds (i.e., teams impacted by trades and/or injuries):

Juan Nicasio Dodgers 16.1%
Aaron Sanchez Blue Jays 16.7%
Hansel Robles Mets 16.9%
Kelvin Jepsen Rays 19.5%
Carson Smith Mariners 22.0%

Data pulled from Fangraphs for your use and viewing pleasure (Full list, sorted by holds, of all players with a save or hold in 2015; scroll right for a pivot table with percent of team holds in alphabetical order by team):

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