NFBC-lite Draft Leftover Team

I recently completed my first NFBC-lite draft this year. NFBC draft and hold leagues have 750 players drafted (15 teams * 50 players each) and allow no transactions during the season. As the rounds remaining dwindled, my deepest of deep sleeper list gradually shrunk; however, I still had a couple of names to wrestle with even during the 50th round–Shane Greene, come on down, you’ve been selected!). So, I decided to skim through the remaining players and build an active NFBC roster from the remaining players. As I showed in a post from my 2015 NFBC league, plenty of value remains at the end of drafts. What I haven’t done here is look through all the potential callups (ahem, hey 2015 darling Matt Duffy), but have relied on NFBC draft data and FanTrax projections as a guide.


We use FanTrax as our hosting site; I don’t base much on their projections, but they do exist. Of all the catchers they projected to play in 2016, only 8 were not selected: Garneau, Holaday, Telis, Hedges–may his pitch-framing be steady and true–, Lobaton, Thole, Ross, and Butera.

Garneau is the only obvious addition from this ragtag, defensive-minded crew. Telis, Holaday, and Lobaton seem to be the catchers least likely to hurt me. Of those, Telis is young but Holaday and Lobaton actually have an ISO that doesn’t approach zero. Give me the AL guy.

Selections: Dustin Garneau and Bryan Holaday

First Base

Again, FanTrax offers limited hope for first base playing time among the leftovers: Chris Johnson, Nick Swisher, Sean Rodriguez, and Tyler Moore. Added to this bunch are 2015, and possible 2016, MLB contributors: Brett Wallace, Kyle Blanks, Jesus Aguilar, Ike Davis, Jesus Montero, Max Muncy, and Christian Walker.

Now we’re talking about an interesting group of players. Lots of former prospects–hi, Brett, Jesus, and Tyler–, walk lovers (Swisher) and former BABIP god (sorry, Chris!). I can’t believe I am saying this, but Montero has the most upside out of this group and FANS projections on FanGraphs are (overly) optimistic suggesting 14 HR and .260 average. Or, are they? On an actual NFBC squad, I could see Montero being a not terrible fill-in / streaming option. And, had I not already had plenty of CI depth, Montero would have made the cut and not Greene.

Selection: Jesus Montero

Possible CI selections: C. Johnson, M. Muncy (potential for multi-position), and I. Davis

Second Base

FanTrax projected 2016 contributors: Tommy LaStella, Eric Sogard, Carlos Sanchez, Hanser Alberto, and Ryan Flaherty
Selected 2015 contributors: Josh Rutledge, Elian Herrera, Ivan DeJesus, Dan Uggla, Arismendy Alcantara

Most potential value award goes to Arismendy but I don’t think 2016 will be his year. Ryan Flaherty can provide small contributions across the board and fill in at multiple positions later in the year.

Selections: Ryan Flaherty

Possible MI Selection: Arismendy Alcantara (if chasing upside), Elian Herrera, or Goggles (a.k.a. Eric Sogard)

Third Base

FanTrax projected 2016 contributors: Chris Johnson, Mike Olt, Andrew Romine, Gordon Beckham
Selected 2015 contributors: Will Middlebrooks, Eric Campbell, Elian Herrera

If Campbell can bring his average north of the Mendoza line, he’d be a 5/5 contributor in HR/SB; which, isn’t bad given the caliber of players remaining. As it is, I think I would target Andrew Romine and be thankful for the SB

Selection: Andrew RomineWill Middlebrooks for some HR

Possible CI selections: Elian Herrer


FanTrax projected 2016 contributors: Eduardo Nunez, Andrew Romine, Dixon Machado, Miguel Rojas, Alexi Amarista, Clint Barmes, Daniel Descalso
Selected 2015 contributors: Cliff Pennington, Cristhian Adames, Danny Santana, Taylor Featherston

Selection: Andrew Romine

Possible MI selection: Danny Santana (more SB)


FanTrax projected 2016 contributors: Juan Lagares, Will Venable, Nolan Reimold, Jeff Francouer, Ryan Raburn, Matt Szcur, Rafael Ynoa, Brandon Barnes, Kyle Parker, Sam Fuld, Steven Moya, Yorman Rodriguez, Joey Butler, Justin Ruggiano, Alex Dickerson

Selected 2015 contributors:

Now we’re talking! Without even looking at possibly overlooked guys in FanTrax projections (or worrying about minor league callups unforeseen), we’ve got several decent options. As with some of the other positions, lots of chippy SB production available.

Selections: Juan Lagares, Will Venable (he has to get a job, right?), Steven Moya


Selection: Sam Fuld


Not going to list everyone, but a selection of the top names include: Ivan Nova, Jonathan Broxton, Chasen Shreve, Zach Duke, Vance Worley, Michael Lorenzen, Aaron Brooks, Robbie Erlin, Jimmy Cordero, Jhoulys Chacin, Ernesto Frieri, Ryan Dull, Dillon Gee

Selections: Ivan Nova, Jhoulys Chacin, Vance Worley, Aaron Brooks, Jimmy Cordero (PHI closer darkhorse once Hernandez is traded?), Ernesto Frieri (why not double down), Dillon Gee (this guy is not bad, especially with KC defense)

Note: I’m really disappointed I didn’t notice Ivan Nova sitting there. If we’re talking about throwing darts at upside, I think I would prefer Nova over Greene.

Take a look for yourself at the players drafted in a sortable and filterable table:

1PKershaw, Clayton - LADRGY1530
2OF,UTTrout, Mike - LAAAitT1530
31B,CI,UTGoldschmidt, Paul - ARIBLA1520
4PArrieta, Jake - CHCRGY1458
5PScherzer, Max - WASELV1449
6OF,UTHarper, Bryce - WASGD1419
7PBumgarner, Madison - SFGD1387
8OF,UTPollock, A.J. - ARIYWY1381
93B,CI,UTDonaldson, Josh - TORCAR1379
10PDavis, Wade - KCBLA1376
11PJansen, Kenley - LADNAR1372
121B,CI,UTRizzo, Anthony - CHCsp1367
13SS,MI,UTCorrea, Carlos - HOUWar1361
143B,CI,UTMachado, Manny - BALCCC1359
15PGreinke, Zack - ARIWar1358
16PHarvey, Matt - NYMBLA1353
17PdeGrom, Jacob - NYMsp1341
18OF,UTStanton, Giancarlo - MIAHoyas1341
19PCole, Gerrit - PITNAR1335
20PStrasburg, Stephen - WASHoyas1335
21PFernandez, Jose - MIACCC1332
22OF,UTGomez, Carlos - HOUELV1326
23PPrice, David - BOSAitT1325
24PSale, Chris - CHWCCC1319
25OF,UTBetts, Mookie - BOSELV1316
26OF,UTCain, Lorenzo - KCCCC1312
27OF,UTMcCutchen, Andrew - PITNAR1309
28OF,UTMarte, Starling - PITC501303
292B,MI,UTAltuve, Jose - HOUsp1295
30PMelancon, Mark - PITYWY1290
313B,CI,UTArenado, Nolan - COLC501284
32OF,UTBraun, Ryan - MILWar1271
33PKeuchel, Dallas - HOUCAR1258
343B,CI,OF,UTBryant, Kris - CHCTM61257
351B,CI,UTEncarnacion, Edwin - TORTM61254
36PBritton, Zach - BALGD1252
37PHernandez, Felix - SEAAitT1250
381B,CI,UTAbreu, Jose - CHWHoyas1249
39OF,UTCruz, Nelson - SEAYWY1244
40PKluber, Corey - CLEHoyas1243
411B,CI,UTCabrera, Miguel - DETNAR1239
42OF,UTBlackmon, Charlie - COLRGY1236
43OF,UTSpringer, George - HOUCAR1235
44OF,UTMartinez, J.D. - DETELV1234
45PFamilia, Jeurys - NYMHoyas1234
46OF,UTBautista, Jose - TORSquiz1221
47PRamos, A.J. - MIABLA1215
48PAllen, Cody - CLEELV1209
49OF,UTUpton, Justin - DETRGY1209
50OF,UTCespedes, Yoenis - NYMSquiz1208
51PRondon, Hector - CHCRGY1208
52PSyndergaard, Noah - NYMTM61206
53PGray, Sonny - OAKYWY1205
54PGiles, Ken - HOUsp1203
55PArcher, Chris - TBNAR1200
56PWainwright, Adam - STLGD1197
57PChapman, Aroldis - NYYTM61196
58OF,UTPence, Hunter - SFAitT1194
59PLester, Jon - CHCELV1191
60SS,MI,UTLindor, Francisco - CLEsp1191
61PHamels, Cole - TEXWar1184
62PCueto, Johnny - SFC501184
63PWacha, Michael - STLSquiz1181
64PCarrasco, Carlos - CLEWar1172
65OF,UTJones, Adam - BALGD1172
661B,CI,UTHosmer, Eric - KCRGY1166
671B,CI,UTVotto, Joey - CINAitT1165
683B,CI,UTSano, Miguel - MINWar1164
69PTolleson, Shawn - TEXC501163
70PKimbrel, Craig - BOSNAR1162
71PIwakuma, Hisashi - SEAGD1160
722B,MI,UTGordon, Dee - MIAYWY1158
73OF,UTEaton, Adam - CHWTM61153
74PRobertson, David - CHWCCC1152
75PMiller, Andrew - NYYYWY1151
762B,MI,UTCano, Robinson - SEAC501149
77PSalazar, Danny - CLECAR1144
781B,CI,OF,UTDavis, Chris - BALGD1138
79OF,UTHeyward, Jason - CHCTM61130
802B,MI,UTKipnis, Jason - CLEAitT1130
81PBetances, Dellin - NYYYWY1119
82POsuna, Roberto - TORTM61118
833B,CI,UTBeltre, Adrian - TEXNAR1116
84OF,UTBrantley, Michael - CLEBLA1115
852B,MI,UTKinsler, Ian - DETBLA1115
861B,CI,UTFreeman, Freddie - ATLHoyas1109
873B,CI,UTFrazier, Todd - CHWsp1108
881B,CI,UTGonzalez, Adrian - LADC501104
89OF,UTBurns, Billy - OAKsp1103
90SS,MI,UTBogaerts, Xander - BOSCAR1103
91C,1B,CI,UTPosey, Buster - SFSquiz1101
923B,CI,UTCarpenter, Matt - STLSquiz1101
93PPapelbon, Jonathan - WASCAR1098
94PRoss, Tyson - SDsp1091
95OF,UTGonzalez, Carlos - COLSquiz1089
961B,CI,UTFielder, Prince - TEXAitT1084
97OF,UTEllsbury, Jacoby - NYYAitT1082
98PRodriguez, Francisco - DETELV1080
99PMaeda, Kenta (R) - LADNAR1075
100OF,UTRevere, Ben - WASC501073
101OF,UTKemp, Matt - SDBLA1072
102PRichards, Garrett - LAAYWY1068
103OF,UTPeralta, David - ARINAR1068
104C,OF,UTSchwarber, Kyle - CHCC501066
105OF,UTYelich, Christian - MIACAR1061
106OF,UTPiscotty, Stephen - STLWar1059
107PStreet, Huston - LAACAR1059
108PMcHugh, Collin - HOUBLA1051
109PLackey, John - CHCsp1049
110PO'Day, Darren - BALC501048
111OF,UTInciarte, Ender - ATLGD1046
112SS,MI,UTReyes, Jose - COLC501043
113OF,UTDickerson, Corey - TBELV1040
114PVizcaino, Arodys - ATLGD1040
115PBenoit, Joaquin - SEANAR1038
1161B,CI,UTDuda, Lucas - NYMC501038
117PSmith, Will - MILsp1038
118PStrickland, Hunter - SFCCC1037
119PMartinez, Carlos - STLCAR1034
120PQuintana, Jose - CHWHoyas1034
121PTanaka, Masahiro - NYYHoyas1034
122OF,UTRamirez, Hanley - BOSHoyas1028
123OF,UTGardner, Brett - NYYAitT1028
1241B,CI,UTBelt, Brandon - SFCAR1026
125POdorizzi, Jake - TBsp1025
1262B,MI,UTDozier, Brian - MINYWY1025
127PFiers, Mike - HOUELV1025
128OF,UTGordon, Alex - KCRGY1025
1291B,CI,UTPujols, Albert - LAAELV1022
1303B,CI,UTLongoria, Evan - TBAitT1021
131PWatson, Tony - PITC501010
132OF,UTCalhoun, Kole - LAAGD1005
1332B,MI,UTOdor, Rougned - TEXRGY1005
134OF,UTPuig, Yasiel - LADCCC1004
135PKazmir, Scott - LADC501004
136PLiriano, Francisco - PITBLA1002
137PGarcia, Jaime - STLC501001
138UTMorales, Kendrys - KCBLA998
1392B,3B,CI,MI,UTMurphy, Daniel - WASC50998
140PMcCullers, Lance - HOUNAR996
141OF,UTPolanco, Gregory - PITCCC995
1423B,CI,UTSeager, Kyle - SEAHoyas995
143OF,UTChoo, Shin-soo - TEXsp993
144PEstrada, Marco - TORYWY992
145PPerkins, Glen - MINWar992
1463B,CI,UTDuffy, Matt - SFRGY992
147PZiegler, Brad - ARIHoyas991
148PSmith, Carson - BOSAitT990
1493B,CI,UTFranco, Maikel - PHIWar988
150UTOrtiz, David - BOSYWY988
151OF,UTGranderson, Curtis - NYMTM6984
152PStroman, Marcus - TORWar984
1532B,MI,UTLeMahieu, DJ - COLBLA981
1542B,MI,UTKendrick, Howie - LADAitT976
1552B,MI,UTPhillips, Brandon - CINGD971
156PSmyly, Drew - TBELV970
157PMiller, Shelby - ARISquiz967
1582B,3B,CI,MI,UTRendon, Anthony - WASCCC965
159PSamardzija, Jeff - SFCCC965
160OF,UTSoler, Jorge - CHCNAR960
161PMatz, Steven (R) - NYMRGY957
162PIglesias, Raisel - CINsp957
163PShields, James - SDAitT956
164PHendricks, Kyle - CHCsp955
165PVerlander, Justin - DETTM6954
166PMcGee, Jake - COLsp953
167PGarcia, Yimi - LADSquiz952
1682B,MI,UTPedroia, Dustin - BOSRGY950
1691B,CI,OF,UTColabello, Chris - TORNAR946
170PTeheran, Julio - ATLELV943
171SS,MI,UTTulowitzki, Troy - TORBLA939
172PStrop, Pedro - CHCGD938
173OF,UTHolliday, Matt - STLBLA933
174PHammel, Jason - CHCELV933
175OF,UTRosario, Eddie - MINGD932
1762B,MI,UTWong, Kolten - STLSquiz929
177PDoolittle, Sean - OAKAitT928
1781B,CI,UTLind, Adam - SEARGY927
179SS,MI,UTDesmond, Ian - (N/A)Squiz925
180PCecil, Brett - TORC50924
181OF,UTSpan, Denard - SFC50923
1822B,MI,OF,UTZobrist, Ben - CHCTM6923
183SS,MI,UTSeager, Corey (R) - LADGD920
184OF,UTPillar, Kevin - TORSquiz914
185PRosenthal, Trevor - STLRGY912
186OF,UTParra, Gerardo - COLTM6911
187PHill, Rich - OAKNAR911
188OF,UTDeShields, Delino - TEXNAR910
189PKela, Keone - TEXRGY905
1902B,3B,CI,MI,OF,UTHarrison, Josh - PITYWY903
191OF,UTGrichuk, Randal - STLHoyas902
192PVentura, Yordano - KCSquiz901
193PWarren, Adam - CHCsp901
194PSeverino, Luis - NYYWar901
1953B,CI,UTTurner, Justin - LADYWY900
196OF,UTReddick, Josh - OAKRGY900
197PPineda, Michael - NYYAitT900
198PUehara, Koji - BOSSquiz899
199OF,UTCabrera, Melky - CHWSquiz895
2003B,CI,UTRodriguez, Alex - NYYELV894
201PSipp, Tony - HOUSquiz891
202PKontos, George - SFBLA891
203PWalker, Taijuan - SEAHoyas890
204PGregerson, Luke - HOUBLA886
2053B,CI,UTMoustakas, Mike - KCGD882
2062B,MI,UTPanik, Joe - SFCAR882
207UTMartinez, Victor - DETSquiz881
208PBoxberger, Brad - TBCCC880
2093B,SS,CI,MI,UTKang, Jung-ho - PITTM6879
210OF,UTHerrera, Odubel - PHIC50879
211UTGattis, Evan - HOUELV878
212OF,UTDavis, Khris - OAKsp877
2133B,CI,UTWright, David - NYMHoyas875
214PJepsen, Kevin - MINGD875
215SS,MI,UTMarte, Ketel - SEAGD875
216PRoark, Tanner - WASELV874
217SS,MI,UTAndrus, Elvis - TEXRGY871
218PChen, Wei-Yin - MIABLA870
219OF,UTFowler, Dexter - (N/A)AitT869
2202B,MI,UTWalker, Neil - NYMCAR868
221PStoren, Drew - TORSquiz863
222PBastardo, Antonio - NYMBLA863
2231B,CI,UTSantana, Carlos - CLEWar859
224PLeake, Mike - STLTM6857
225PRobles, Hansel - NYMSquiz857
226PWilson, Alex - DETSquiz856
227PSmith, Joe - LAAHoyas856
228PSantana, Ervin - MINELV855
229SS,MI,UTAybar, Erick - ATLELV855
230SS,MI,UTCrawford, Brandon - SFYWY854
231SS,MI,UTRamirez, Alexei - SDHoyas854
232PGrimm, Justin - CHCTM6853
233OF,UTBuxton, Byron (R) - MINWar852
234PBrach, Brad - BALELV849
235SS,MI,UTPeralta, Jhonny - STLAitT849
2361B,CI,UTBour, Justin - MIASquiz849
237PGausman, Kevin - BALCAR847
238PNola, Aaron - PHITM6847
2393B,CI,UTPrado, Martin - MIAC50846
2401B,CI,UTTeixeira, Mark - NYYTM6846
241C,UTLucroy, Jonathan - MILC50842
242OF,UTBruce, Jay - CINBLA841
243PRoss, Joe - WASC50841
244OF,UTByrd, Marlon - (N/A)ELV841
245SS,MI,UTEscobar, Alcides - KCNAR836
246OF,UTAltherr, Aaron - PHIGD835
247PMedlen, Kris - KCCAR834
248PHerrera, Kelvin - KCCAR831
249PNeshek, Pat - HOUBLA831
250PRomo, Sergio - SFTM6831
2511B,CI,UTMoreland, Mitch - TEXYWY830
252PSanchez, Aaron - TORsp829
253OF,UTHamilton, Billy - CINHoyas828
2541B,2B,CI,MI,UTForsythe, Logan - TBSquiz828
255PZimmermann, Jordan - DETYWY826
256PKnebel, Corey - MILAitT826
257PHeaney, Andrew - LAAGD826
2583B,CI,UTEscobar, Yunel - LAANAR824
259C,UTSwihart, Blake - BOSNAR822
260C,UTMartin, Russell - TORTM6821
261PBaez, Pedro - LADBLA819
2621B,CI,UTMorneau, Justin - (N/A)NAR818
2633B,CI,UTPlouffe, Trevor - MINGD818
264PGibson, Kyle - MINBLA817
265OF,UTKiermaier, Kevin - TBYWY814
2663B,CI,OF,UTValencia, Danny - OAKC50811
2671B,CI,OF,UTCanha, Mark - OAKCAR811
268OF,UTMarkakis, Nick - ATLHoyas811
2691B,CI,OF,UTTrumbo, Mark - BALCCC809
270PHochevar, Luke - KCBLA809
271C,UTPerez, Salvador - KCNAR807
2721B,CI,UTZimmerman, Ryan - WASSquiz807
273OF,UTWerth, Jayson - WASRGY807
2742B,SS,MI,UTCastro, Starlin - NYYNAR807
275PRodriguez, Eduardo - BOSCCC807
2762B,SS,MI,UTRussell, Addison - CHCCCC805
277OF,UTConforto, Michael - NYMsp803
278PKarns, Nathan - SEATM6802
279OF,UTMaybin, Cameron - DETsp802
2802B,MI,UTTravis, Devon - TORNAR798
281SS,MI,UTSegura, Jean - ARIHoyas797
282PHughes, Phil - MINCCC797
283PMadson, Ryan - OAKCAR796
284PDeSclafani, Anthony - CINC50796
285PClippard, Tyler - ARIGD796
286C,UTMcCann, Brian - NYYGD796
287OF,UTBeltran, Carlos - NYYHoyas796
288PRodon, Carlos - CHWCAR795
289PPeavy, Jake - SFELV795
2901B,3B,CI,UTAlvarez, Pedro - (N/A)BLA794
291PCorbin, Patrick - ARIRGY794
292PShoemaker, Matt - LAACCC790
293PGonzalez, Gio - WASAitT788
294PEickhoff, Jerad - PHIYWY788
295OF,UTRios, Alex - (N/A)YWY788
296PCapps, Carter - MIACAR786
297OF,UTSouza Jr., Steven - TBCAR786
298PBuchholz, Clay - BOSGD786
299OF,UTJackson, Austin - (N/A)C50786
300OF,UTOzuna, Marcell - MIACCC783
301PNiese, Jonathon - PITWar781
302PNelson, Jimmy - MILWar780
303PDyson, Sam - TEXELV780
304PBassitt, Chris - OAKGD779
3053B,CI,UTGarcia, Adonis - ATLYWY778
306PWood, Alex - LADBLA778
3073B,CI,UTCastellanos, Nick - DETCCC778
308SS,MI,UTCabrera, Asdrubal - NYMC50777
309C,UTWieters, Matt - BALRGY776
310PSantiago, Hector - LAACCC774
311SS,MI,UTSemien, Marcus - OAKWar773
312PSoria, Joakim - KCELV772
3131B,CI,UTCron, C.J. - LAAsp768
314PWilhelmsen, Tom - TEXCAR768
315PSanchez, Anibal - DETAitT767
3161B,CI,OF,UTMyers, Wil - SDCCC767
317SS,MI,UTSuarez, Eugenio - CINRGY767
318C,1B,CI,UTVogt, Stephen - OAKYWY767
319PVincent, Nick - SDsp766
320PVolquez, Edinson - KCSquiz763
321PCaminero, Arquimedes - PITCAR762
322OF,UTDavis, Rajai - CLEAitT762
323PDarvish, Yu - TEXTM6762
3241B,CI,UTCarter, Chris - MILWar757
325PTomlin, Josh - CLEAitT755
326C,UTGomes, Yan - CLEWar755
327PMiley, Wade - SEAC50754
328OF,UTRasmus, Colby - HOUYWY753
3291B,CI,UTMauer, Joe - MINGD753
3301B,CI,UTPark, Byung-ho (R) - MINELV752
331PRamirez, Erasmo - TBGD751
332PQuackenbush, Kevin - SDCAR750
333PDickey, R.A. - TORTM6749
334PFister, Doug - HOUYWY749
3352B,MI,UTSchoop, Jonathan - BALCCC749
336PFurbush, Charlie - SEABLA748
337PHapp, J.A. - TORELV747
338OF,UTSantana, Domingo - MILsp743
339PHolland, Derek - TEXWar741
340SS,MI,OF,UTMiller, Brad - TBTM6740
341C,UTCervelli, Francisco - PITAitT738
3422B,3B,CI,MI,UTLawrie, Brett - CHWSquiz736
343C,UTd'Arnaud, Travis - NYMCCC736
344OF,UTAoki, Nori - SEABLA734
3451B,CI,UTHoward, Ryan - PHIBLA732
346PJungmann, Taylor - MILGD732
347OF,UTPagan, Angel - SFYWY730
348PJeffress, Jeremy - MILC50730
349PKelley, Shawn - WASSquiz730
350UTButler, Billy - OAKHoyas730
351PHoover, J.J. - CINCCC729
3523B,CI,UTSandoval, Pablo - BOSBLA728
353PGlasnow, Tyler (R) - PITNAR727
3543B,CI,UTFreese, David - (N/A)AitT726
355OF,UTBradley Jr., Jackie - BOSAitT724
356PNicolino, Justin - MIARGY723
3571B,CI,OF,UTPaulsen, Ben - COLWar721
358PDuffy, Danny - KCHoyas719
359PFien, Casey - MINSquiz719
360PGott, Trevor - WASsp716
361PHowell, J.P. - LADBLA716
362SS,MI,OF,UTEscobar, Eduardo - MINELV715
363PMcAllister, Zach - CLECAR714
364PYoung, Chris - KCAitT711
365OF,UTGarcia, Avisail - CHWWar711
366SS,MI,UTHechavarria, Adeiny - MIABLA711
367C,UTRealmuto, J.T. - MIAGD711
368PLewis, Colby - TEXCCC709
3691B,3B,CI,UTValbuena, Luis - HOUNAR708
370C,UTHundley, Nick - COLWar704
371SS,MI,UTIglesias, Jose - DETAitT703
3722B,MI,UTGennett, Scooter - MILHoyas702
3731B,3B,CI,UTSolarte, Yangervis - SDsp702
374PDe La Rosa, Jorge - COLAitT701
375OF,UTMurphy, David - (N/A)ELV700
376OF,UTPederson, Joc - LADNAR695
377OF,UTCastillo, Rusney - BOSC50693
3783B,CI,UTHeadley, Chase - NYYAitT692
3791B,CI,UTAlonso, Yonder - OAKGD691
380SS,MI,UTGregorius, Didi - NYYCCC690
3811B,CI,UTLoney, James - TBBLA688
382OF,UTJennings, Desmond - TBRGY684
383PDuffey, Tyler - MINNAR681
384SS,MI,UTSimmons, Andrelton - LAAELV681
385PRyu, Hyun-jin - LADNAR681
386PPetit, Yusmeiro - WASGD680
387PMaurer, Brandon - SDHoyas677
388PPorcello, Rick - BOSAitT677
389OF,UTMahtook, Mikie (R) - TBCAR673
390OF,UTTaylor, Michael A. - WASBLA668
391PCasilla, Santiago - SFWar667
392OF,UTEthier, Andre - LADCAR666
393SS,MI,UTTurner, Trea (R) - WASYWY663
3943B,CI,OF,UTTomas, Yasmany - ARIWar662
395C,UTNorris, Derek - SDHoyas662
396OF,UTKim, Hyun-soo (R) - BALELV660
397PMay, Trevor - MINNAR657
3982B,MI,UTSpangenberg, Cory - SDHoyas656
399PAnderson, Brett - LADSquiz655
400OF,UTThompson, Trayce (R) - LADWar655
4011B,CI,UTAdams, Matt - STLWar654
402PWilson, Justin - DETTM6653
4033B,CI,UTLamb, Jake - ARIRGY653
404OF,UTHicks, Aaron - NYYCCC651
405PKennedy, Ian - KCCAR649
406PPomeranz, Drew - SDHoyas646
407PWood, Travis - CHCYWY645
408PColome, Alex - TBELV645
409C,UTCastillo, Welington - ARICAR645
4102B,3B,CI,MI,OF,UTHolt, Brock - BOSCAR644
411PBauer, Trevor - CLESquiz643
4122B,MI,UTHerrera, Dilson - NYMYWY643
413PEovaldi, Nathan - NYYCCC642
414OF,UTCrawford, Carl - LADAitT640
415PLowe, Mark - DETTM6638
416PTillman, Chris - BALBLA636
417PGallardo, Yovani - (N/A)BLA636
4183B,CI,OF,UTChisenhall, Lonnie - CLEELV632
419PShaw, Bryan - CLEGD632
420PRay, Robbie - ARINAR631
421PGonzalez, Chi Chi - TEXYWY631
422OF,UTBlanco, Gregor - SFC50629
423PWeaver, Jered - LAABLA628
424PHernandez, David - PHIRGY627
425PNorris, Daniel - DETGD627
426OF,UTGose, Anthony - DETBLA626
427PJimenez, Ubaldo - BALAitT623
428PChavez, Jesse - TORBLA623
4293B,CI,UTSaladino, Tyler - CHWHoyas621
4302B,MI,UTHernandez, Cesar - PHIsp621
431PDavies, Zach (R) - MILC50619
432OF,UTGutierrez, Franklin - SEATM6619
4332B,SS,MI,UTRamirez, Jose - CLEC50618
434OF,UTDyson, Jarrod - KCRGY617
435OF,UTMartin, Leonys - SEACCC617
436PHudson, Daniel - ARIYWY615
437PColon, Bartolo - NYMRGY610
438C,UTMesoraco, Devin - CINsp609
439PWisler, Matt - ATLBLA607
4402B,MI,UTGiavotella, Johnny - LAAELV606
441C,UTMolina, Yadier - STLBLA602
4423B,CI,UTUribe, Juan - (N/A)ELV601
4431B,CI,UTMorrison, Logan - TBELV601
444OF,UTAckley, Dustin - NYYELV601
445PLatos, Mat - CHWC50595
446PDe La Rosa, Rubby - ARITM6595
447C,UTRamos, Wilson - WASAitT594
448OF,UTDe Aza, Alejandro - NYMHoyas594
449PBettis, Chad - COLCCC593
4503B,CI,UTOlivera, Hector (R) - ATLGD592
451SS,MI,UTGalvis, Freddy - PHIAitT592
452OF,UTSmith, Seth - SEAAitT591
453SS,MI,UTRollins, Jimmy - (N/A)ELV589
454PPeralta, Wily - MILYWY589
4551B,CI,OF,UTRobinson, Clint - WASRGY588
456OF,UTCoghlan, Chris - CHCBLA588
457C,UTChirinos, Robinson - TEXWar587
458C,UTMontero, Miguel - CHCRGY585
4593B,CI,OF,UTAsche, Cody - PHIHoyas585
460PJohnson, Erik - CHWRGY582
461C,UTMcCann, James - DETHoyas582
4622B,MI,OF,UTHernandez, Kike - LADYWY582
4631B,CI,UTKepler, Max (R) - MINsp581
4641B,CI,OF,UTMoss, Brandon - STLELV581
4652B,MI,UTGosselin, Phil - ARIsp578
466OF,UTHamilton, Josh - TEXSquiz577
467PBailey, Homer - CINAitT577
468C,UTGrandal, Yasmani - LADCCC577
469PCashner, Andrew - SDRGY574
4702B,MI,UTPeterson, Jace - ATLWar573
471PKoehler, Tom - MIARGY571
472SS,MI,UTCozart, Zack - CINNAR570
473PHahn, Jesse - OAKsp569
474OF,UTOrlando, Paulo - KCSquiz568
475PAnderson, Cody - CLEHoyas568
4762B,SS,MI,UTOwings, Chris - ARIsp567
477PJones, Nate - CHWC50565
478C,UTJaso, John - PITELV564
479PLocke, Jeff - PITC50563
480C,UTPierzynski, A.J. - ATLELV556
481SS,MI,UTColon, Christian - KCGD555
482PGonzalez, Miguel - BALC50549
483PFinnegan, Brandon - CINsp543
484SS,MI,UTHardy, J.J. - BALHoyas542
485OF,UTCollins, Tyler - DETRGY541
486POwens, Henry - BOSCCC540
4871B,CI,UTNapoli, Mike - CLEHoyas539
4881B,CI,UTShaw, Travis - BOSRGY538
489PGraveman, Kendall - OAKsp538
490PGray, Jon (R) - COLYWY537
491PHellickson, Jeremy - PHIC50535
492PAnderson, Chase - MILELV531
493PPerez, Martin - TEXRGY529
494PWilson, C.J. - LAAGD529
495PCishek, Steve - SEAGD527
496C,UTCastro, Jason - HOUCAR526
497PElias, Roenis - BOSRGY526
498PCosart, Jarred - MIASquiz526
4991B,3B,SS,CI,MI,UTGonzalez, Marwin - HOUBLA525
500PHutchison, Drew - TORsp523
501PPaxton, James - SEACCC520
5022B,MI,UTProfar, Jurickson - TEXCCC519
5033B,CI,OF,UTDietrich, Derek - MIAsp519
504PHeston, Chris - SFHoyas519
505PLamb, John (R) - CINNAR515
506PMoore, Matt - TBRGY511
5072B,MI,UTBaez, Javier - CHCTM6511
508OF,UTAlmonte, Abraham - CLEsp502
5091B,CI,UTLaRoche, Adam - CHWsp502
5103B,SS,CI,MI,UTLowrie, Jed - OAKC50501
511PDiaz, Jumbo - CINNAR497
5121B,CI,OF,UTPearce, Steve - TBTM6494
513PCobb, Alex - TBHoyas484
514SS,MI,UTVillar, Jonathan - MILTM6474
515OF,UTJay, Jon - SDsp474
516OF,UTJankowski, Travis (R) - SDC50474
517PPerez, Williams - ATLBLA473
5182B,SS,MI,UTGyorko, Jedd - STLsp469
519PHatcher, Chris - LADYWY466
5202B,SS,MI,UTFlores, Wilmer - NYMRGY464
5212B,MI,UTParedes, Jimmy - BALBLA459
522PGarza, Matt - MILAitT458
523PReed, Addison - NYMHoyas457
5242B,MI,UTRefsnyder, Rob (R) - NYYNAR454
525SS,MI,UTMercer, Jordy - PITNAR454
5262B,MI,UTUtley, Chase - LADELV454
527PLyons, Tyler - STLNAR453
528PNorris, Bud - ATLHoyas450
529PCain, Matt - SFBLA450
530OF,UTBourn, Michael - ATLWar449
531PSabathia, CC - NYYSquiz445
532POberholtzer, Brett - PHIsp444
533C,UTCasali, Curt - TBSquiz442
5342B,MI,UTInfante, Omar - KCAitT434
5352B,MI,UTEspinosa, Danny - WASGD432
536C,UTFlowers, Tyler - ATLELV430
537C,UTPerez, Carlos - LAAYWY430
538OF,UTPham, Tommy - STLTM6424
539C,UTNavarro, Dioner - CHWsp414
540OF,UTGuyer, Brandon - TBRGY413
5411B,CI,UTRogers, Jason - PITsp412
5422B,MI,UTPeraza, Jose (R) - CINELV412
5432B,3B,CI,MI,UTHill, Aaron - MILWar410
544PKelly, Joe - BOSSquiz408
545OF,UTMarisnick, Jake - HOUTM6406
546PConley, Adam - MIAGD406
547PSkaggs, Tyler - LAAHoyas405
548C,UTSuzuki, Kurt - MINBLA402
549C,UTRupp, Cameron - PHIAitT401
550PMorton, Charlie - PHIC50399
551C,UTIannetta, Chris - SEACCC398
552OF,UTBell, Josh (R) - PITCAR397
553PMilone, Tommy - MINTM6390
554PNuno, Vidal - SEAELV389
5551B,CI,OF,UTVan Slyke, Scott - LADNAR387
5562B,SS,MI,UTGoins, Ryan - TORRGY387
557PLyles, Jordan - COLBLA387
558OF,UTCrisp, Coco - OAKGD385
559C,UTClevenger, Steve - SEACAR384
560C,UTPhegley, Josh - OAKTM6381
5613B,CI,UTUrshela, Giovanny - CLEWar379
5621B,2B,3B,CI,MI,OF,UTJohnson, Kelly - ATLGD376
5633B,SS,CI,MI,OF,UTAviles, Mike - DETsp373
564OF,UTUpton Jr., Melvin - SDELV369
5651B,CI,UTMorse, Michael - PITBLA366
566PWheeler, Zack - NYMRGY364
5671B,CI,UTSmoak, Justin - TORTM6362
568C,UTPena, Brayan - STLHoyas359
569OF,UTDuvall, Adam - CINCAR353
570PAxford, John - OAKSquiz352
571C,UTGimenez, Chris - TEXELV349
5722B,SS,MI,UTBeckham, Tim - TBCCC343
5731B,CI,UTShaffer, Richie (R) - TBHoyas342
574PMotte, Jason - COLWar335
575PTropeano, Nick - LAACCC335
576C,UTMurphy, Tom (R) - COLTM6332
5772B,MI,UTDrew, Stephen - WASAitT331
5783B,CI,OF,UTGuerrero, Alex - LADNAR329
579C,UTConger, Hank - TBWar327
580C,UTJoseph, Caleb - BALRGY327
5813B,CI,OF,UTGallo, Joey (R) - TEXCAR316
582SS,MI,UTTejada, Ruben - NYMCAR309
583PFoltynewicz, Mike - ATLCAR289
584PBradley, Archie (R) - ARISquiz288
585OF,UTYoung, Chris - BOSsp288
586C,1B,CI,UTAvila, Alex - CHWC50283
587OF,UTArcia, Oswaldo - MINRGY281
588C,UTPlawecki, Kevin - NYMCCC270
589C,UTPerez, Roberto - CLETM6267
590C,UTBarnhart, Tucker - CINsp257
591PDespaigne, Odrisamer - BALHoyas246
592C,UTSanchez, Gary (R) - NYYYWY242
5931B,CI,OF,UTRuf, Darin - PHIYWY237
594C,UTHanigan, Ryan - BOSELV230
595PCingrani, Tony - CINTM6228
596C,UTSoto, Geovany - LAANAR223
597C,UTSusac, Andrew - SFYWY219
598C,UTEllis, A.J. - LADCCC205
599C,UTRuiz, Carlos - PHISquiz204
600PJohnson, Jim - ATLCAR177
601C,UTMaldonado, Martin - MILC50141
602PAlvarez, Henderson - OAKCAR38
603PAppel, Mark (R) - PHITM638
604PArmstrong, Shawn (R) - CLEC5038
605PBanuelos, Manny (R) - ATLYWY38
606PBerrios, Jose (R) - MINTM638
607PBlackburn, Clayton (R) - SFRGY38
608PBlair, Aaron - ATLRGY38
609PBlanton, Joe - LADAitT38
610PBolsinger, Mike - LADELV38
611PBracho, Silvino (R) - ARIYWY38
612PBuehrle, Mark - (N/A)ELV38
613PBundy, Dylan (R) - BALSquiz38
614PBurdi, Nick (R) - MINWar38
615PChatwood, Tyler - COLBLA38
616PCole, A.J. (R) - WASELV38
617PCooney, Tim (R) - STLsp38
618PCotton, Jharel (R) - LADWar38
619PDe Leon, Jose (R) - LADTM638
620PDiaz, Jairo (R) - COLBLA38
621PEdwards, Jon - SDSquiz38
622PFarquhar, Danny - TBCCC38
623PFeliz, Michael (R) - HOUHoyas38
624PFeliz, Neftali - PITTM638
625PFrieri, Ernesto - PHITM638
626PFulmer, Carson (R) - CHWC5038
627PFulmer, Michael (R) - DETTM638
628PGiolito, Lucas - WASCAR38
629PGivens, Mychal (R) - BALC5038
630PGodley, Zack (R) - ARICAR38
631PGonzales, Marco (R) - STLSquiz38
632PGreene, Shane - DETRGY38
633PGrilli, Jason - ATLHoyas38
634PGuerrieri, Taylor (R) - TBGD38
635PHader, Josh (R) - MILAitT38
636PHarris, Will - HOUNAR38
637PHendriks, Liam - OAKAitT38
638PHoffman, Jeff - COLC5038
639PHoneywell, Brent (R) - TBNAR38
640PJohnson, Brian (R) - BOSSquiz38
641PLee, Cliff - (N/A)AitT38
642PLee, Zach (R) - LADCAR38
643PLopez, Jorge (R) - MILCCC38
644PLynn, Lance - STLNAR38
645PManaea, Sean - OAKTM638
646PMartes, Francis (R) - HOUWar38
647PMcCarthy, Brandon - LADNAR38
648PMeyer, Alex (R) - MINCAR38
649PMiller, Justin - COLNAR38
650PMontas, Frankie (R) - LADHoyas38
651PMorrow, Brandon - SDGD38
652PNathan, Joe - (N/A)War38
653PNewcomb, Sean - ATLHoyas38
654PNolasco, Ricky - MINC5038
655PNolin, Sean (R) - OAKCCC38
656POh, Seung-hwan (R) - STLGD38
657POttavino, Adam - COLWar38
658POwens, Henry - MIAWar38
659PPutnam, Zach - CHWCCC38
660PRea, Colin (R) - SDsp38
661PReed, Cody A. - CINC5038
662PReyes, Alex - STLYWY38
663PRodney, Fernando - SDAitT38
664PScribner, Evan - SEACAR38
665PShipley, Braden - ARIYWY38
666PSiegrist, Kevin - STLWar38
667PSimmons, Shae - ATLCAR38
668PSnell, Blake (R) - TBHoyas38
669PStephenson, Robert (R) - CINWar38
670PTaillon, Jameson (R) - PITAitT38
671PThompson, Jake (R) - PHIAitT38
672PTurner, Jacob - CHWC5038
673PUrias, Julio - LADYWY38
674PVelasquez, Vince - PHIC5038
675PVillanueva, Carlos - SDGD38
676PVogelsong, Ryan - PITCCC38
677PWalden, Jordan - STLTM638
678PWeiss, Zachary - CINCCC38
679PWright, Steven - BOSYWY38
680PZimmer, Kyle (R) - KCWar38
681PZych, Tony (R) - SEARGY38
682SS,MI,UTAhmed, Nick - ARIYWY28
683C,UTAlfaro, Jorge (R) - PHICAR28
684OF,UTAlvarez, Dariel (R) - BALTM628
685SS,MI,UTAnderson, Tim - CHWCCC28
686SS,MI,UTArcia, Orlando (R) - MILSquiz28
687C,UTArencibia, J.P. - PHICAR28
688C,UTBarnes, Austin (R) - LADRGY28
6891B,CI,UTBird, Greg - NYYTM628
6902B,3B,SS,CI,MI,UTBlanco, Andres - PHIWar28
691OF,UTBlash, Jabari - SDHoyas28
692OF,UTBourjos, Peter - PHIWar28
693OF,UTBrinson, Lewis (R) - TEXCAR28
694OF,UTBrito, Socrates (R) - ARIHoyas28
6952B,MI,UTCalhoun, Willie - LADNAR28
6963B,CI,UTCecchini, Garin (R) - MILCCC28
697SS,MI,UTCecchini, Gavin (R) - NYMAitT28
698C,UTContreras, Willson (R) - CHCSquiz28
699SS,MI,UTCrawford, J.P. - PHITM628
700OF,UTDahl, David - COLWar28
701C,UTDiaz, Elias (R) - PITYWY28
702SS,MI,UTDifo, Wilmer (R) - WASWar28
7033B,CI,UTDrury, Brandon (R) - ARIBLA28
7043B,CI,UTDuffy, Matt (R) - HOURGY28
7053B,CI,UTGoeddel, Tyler - PHINAR28
7063B,CI,UTGourriel, Yulieski - (N/A)C5028
707SS,MI,UTHanson, Alen (R) - PITWar28
7082B,MI,UTJohnson, Micah (R) - LADCAR28
709OF,UTJudge, Aaron - NYYCAR28
7101B,CI,UTLee, Dae-ho - (N/A)CCC28
711OF,UTLiriano, Rymer (R) - MILsp28
712OF,UTMargot, Manuel (R) - SDWar28
713OF,UTMazara, Nomar (R) - TEXNAR28
7142B,MI,UTMoncada, Yoan - BOSSquiz28
715SS,MI,UTMondesi, Raul (R) - KCAitT28
716C,UTMurphy, John Ryan - MINsp28
717OF,UTNimmo, Brandon (R) - NYMYWY28
7183B,CI,UTNunez, Renato (R) - OAKTM628
719OF,UTO'Brien, Peter (R) - ARICAR28
7201B,CI,UTOlson, Matt - OAKGD28
721OF,UTParker, Jarrett (R) - SFYWY28
722OF,UTPhillips, Brett (R) - MILYWY28
723SS,MI,UTPolanco, Jorge (R) - MINNAR28
724OF,UTPompey, Dalton - TORTM628
725OF,UTPowell, Boog (R) - SEAGD28
726OF,UTQuinn, Roman (R) - PHICCC28
7271B,CI,UTReed, A.J. (R) - HOUCCC28
728OF,UTRenfroe, Hunter - SDGD28
7291B,3B,CI,UTReynolds, Mark - COLsp28
7303B,CI,UTRiley, Austin - ATLNAR28
731C,1B,CI,UTRosario, Wilin - (N/A)Squiz28
732C,UTSaltalamacchia, Jarrod - DETAitT28
733OF,UTSaunders, Michael - TORYWY28
734OF,UTSchebler, Scott (R) - CINGD28
7351B,CI,UTSingleton, Jon - HOUSquiz28
736OF,UTSmith, Mallex (R) - ATLYWY28
737C,UTStassi, Max (R) - HOUGD28
738SS,MI,UTStory, Trevor (R) - COLSquiz28
739OF,UTSuzuki, Ichiro - MIANAR28
740SS,MI,UTSwanson, Dansby (R) - ATLHoyas28
7412B,MI,UTSweeney, Darnell (R) - PHIRGY28
7422B,MI,UTTomlinson, Kelby - SFRGY28
743OF,UTTucker, Preston - HOUNAR28
7441B,CI,UTVargas, Kennys - MINSquiz28
745C,UTVazquez, Christian - BOSGD28
7461B,3B,CI,UTWhite, Tyler - HOUWar28
747OF,UTWilliams, Nick - PHIWar28
748OF,UTWinker, Jesse - CINSquiz28
749OF,UTZimmer, Bradley - CLECCC28
750C,UTZunino, Mike - SEASquiz28

2 Comments on NFBC-lite Draft Leftover Team

  1. I don’t know that Venables gets the at-bats to pick up 10/15, but I think an 8/8 split with accompanying runs/RBIs is very likely. It’ll come with around a .240 average, but as a spot starter / injury fill-in, I’ll take that with the potential contributions to all counting stats. If he already had a contract, I expect he would have been drafted in the mid-40’s round. And, I find it hard to believe his MLB career is done.

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