OBP vs. AVG; Or Why Carlos Santana Costs so Damn Much in my League

By now the secret is out about the important distinction between leagues which use OBP and AVG. Some players have a tendency to take a free pass and others rarely take the leisurely route to first.

As in previous posts, this graphs looks at players through the lens of Standing Gain Points (not adjusted for position) to compare player’s impact on OBP and AVG categories.


All of our old 1st/2nd round friends show up in the upper right. Others, though, stand out depending on your league’s 5×5 settings. Santana, Bautista, Pederson all have their value greatly increase when using OBP. Santana, for example, moves from the 82nd best hitter to 38th (based on Steamer projections). On the other hand, players like Revere or Altuve benefit from more traditional settings.

Not surprisingly, several catchers show up towards the bottom left (negative impact on OBP and AVG).


Unless you’re selecting Posey, it’s unlikely you’re getting much, if any, positive value in OBP or AVG — though chances are better with AVG — out of your catcher.

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