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My job as a librarian has taught me the value of using indexes: both those you find at the end of a book and, especially, those multi-volume annual editions that classify articles into major topics. The latter was required to efficiently search for news articles about a specific person or place before the Internet enabled much more expeditious searching.

However, there is still value in having a single location that directs you to articles on specific topics. For me, this most often arises when I am preparing for my annual drafts in dynasty leagues. Specifically, these are leagues that have Rule 4 and minor league free agent components where a mix of knowledge and sheer luck is needed when selecting minor league baseball prospects. Information about players tends to be widespread and scattered. And, since many (almost all?) dynasty league GMs are non-scouts and have no affiliations with teams, we are often trying to piece together a story about a player from these disparate sources.

This minor league baseball prospect index seeks to establish some method to the madness. Slowly….and gradually. And in no order other than that dictated by my need for research to make selections or evaluate trade proposals in my leagues. Essentially, this is a public glimpse at the notebook (well, more like spreadsheets) I keep on players, or more precisely, have been trying to get motivated to keep. Much of the focus will be on players outside traditional top 100 (or even top 250) lists.

Each player entry has a curated list of publications (with links to electronic sources), along with relevant quotes, that have discussed the player. Published pieces will include long-form articles (either print or electronic), ranking lists, chat transcripts, or comments (by identifiable sources)

Player Index
Player Name MLB Team Position Last Updated
Esmerling Moreno Cubs Pitcher 09/02/2016
Yoan Aybar Red Sox Outfield 01/28/2016
Ricardo Cespedes Mets Outfield 01/27/2016
Jimmy Cordero Phillies Relief Pitcher 01/26/2016
Lewin Diaz Twins First Base 01/25/2016
Anderson Franco Nationals Third Base 01/27/2016
Johan Mieses Dodgers Outfield 01/29/2016
Ryan Mountcastle Orioles Shortstop 01/28/2016
Gilmael Troya Yankees Pitcher 01/28/2016
Isranel Wilson Braves Outfield 01/26/2016
Jordan Montgomery Yankees Pitcher 02/13/2016
K.J. Woods Marlins First Base 02/14/2016

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