Split Decisions: 4/18 through 4/24

Yankees at Orioles August 28, 2011

In just a few hours, weekly leagues will seal their fate–at least for this week–when they set lineups. In leagues like NFBC with deep rosters and no in-season pickups, understanding and using splits (road/home, LHP/RHP) can be one way to leverage later round picks. You’ll find several suggestions below based on righty/lefty splits, but none obvious. I mean, you were going to play Davis, Cabrera, Bautista, and others anyways, right?

Based on Tristan Crockcroft’s weekly article, the following teams play 6 or more games against RHP this week:

Marlins (7)
Baltimore Orioles (6)
Blue Jays (6)
Detroit Tigers (6)
Twins (6)
New York Mets (6)
Philadelphia Phillies (6)
Brewers (6)
Los Angeles Dodgers (6)

Eduardo Nunez

In case Bret Sayre’s tweet wasn’t enough for you…

…Nunez is hitting .347 over the last 2 years; that is the highest average for any player with >100 ABs against RHP (granted, he has 147 ABs while Kipnis and Miggy each have roughly 230 more ABs and are only 7 points behind). He is also in top 15 WOBA during that time against RHP. Of course, he has no real power to speak of and this may all be a mirage (this year’s hot start must be, right?). Over his career, though, he’s hitting .281/.330/.390 against RHP, so there’s a good chance his hot start will continue (and continue to eat into my shares of Eduardo Escobar).

Andre Ethier

Ethier isn’t everything he used to be, but he continues to fare well against RHP, which the Dodgers face 6 times this week (not to mention they are against the Braves and Rockies, in Colorado). With Crawford and Guerrero sidelined, Ethier should have plenty of opportunities to boost your average. With his .306/.383/.517 and .211 ISO over 397 PA, there’s a good chance he’ll contribute to at least 4 of Roto categories.

Derek Dietrich and Justin Bour

Lumping the two Marlins together since they both get to feast on 7 RHP this week. Daily fantasy players from last year probably remember just how helpful the duo’s slugger imitations were against righties–all at a sub $3300 price usually.

Dietrich: .280/.368/.512 and .230 ISO (247 PA)
Bour: .271/.334/.522 and .249 ISO (401 PA)

Again based on Tristan Crockcraft’s probable pitchers, the Yankees and Angels are each facing LHP 4 times this week.

Yunel Escobar

No one would ever mistake Escobar for Trout, but he has done a fair impersonation when facing LHP: .345/.409/.468 vs. Trout’s .298/.421/.559 (Escobar 154 PA and Trout 195 PA). Unfortunately he does not still have MI eligibility, but he’s still probably worth getting in as a CI or perhaps UT.

Aaron Hicks

I am presuming most everyone will be playing A-Rod, despite his terrible cold streak to start the season, but Hicks may not be on your radar. Although listed as a switch hitter, Hicks is noticeably better against left-handed pitching: .263/.352/.432 vs. .207/.284/.311. If you drafted Hicks, this weeks is the reason you did so (that, or you got terribly desperate).

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